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The Trion Operating System is an open source project under the BSD License. The intent is to create a modern 32/64-bit operating system, based on the ideas of object orientation. The kernel is being developed in the C++ programming language, and, where necessary, backed up by the C and assembly languages.


The project started when a few members joined hands and embarked on a quest to code an operating system for the future. Ever since the beginning in early september 2003, the Trion Development Group (this means, the whole group of people working on this project) has made its decisions by civilized discussion and democratic voting.

Pretty soon, the project gained a spot on and reached a steady Top 20 position in the activity ranking there. Since then, a lot of people have joined the project and are subscribed to the development mailing lists.

What's The Current Status?

No, the project is not dead.

Version 0.2 of the OS is currently undex development using a nanokernel architecture. A snapshot of sources are available for download from SourceForge, and the latest current sources are always available from the SourceForge source repository for those who feel the need to see a pre-release version.

What Can I Do?

We can always use more developers, and if you are familiar in the areas of OS Development, Documentation Writing, Graphical Design and other things, please do apply by sending an e-mail to the developer's mailing list or one of the project members.